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This developing online library is a digital media supplement to LBHS’s collection of historical documents.  It contains primary and secondary historical sources available online for viewing or accessible through commercial purchase.  Some entries reference websites.  Please contact us if you have a suggestion for our online local history library.

Historical note: The current LBHS History Library Online can trace its origin back a quarter century to LBHS board member Charles Townsend’s early forward-thinking perspective about public history and digital media.   On May 23, 1998, Charles and a few other pioneering local historians and interested students launched “Beaver County History Online.”  As Charles explains in the published article, “Background of Beaver County History Online,” it was the first history website to put “Beaver County’s rich historical heritage on the Internet, thus making written documents and pictures available to all local residents, schools and other organizations as well as being available to the worldwide audience . . . As an educator I [was] especially interested in having local history online for young people . . . [but] this project can also be an inter-generational forum for history makers, senior citizens and children to share lifetime experiences and interests.”  

The Little Beaver History Library Online, as well as this website as a whole, carry on this belief that digital media, the internet, and local history are not only compatible, but mutually supporting. 

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No Image Available A Photographic Souvenir: Beaver County, Pennsylvania
C. 1900.  Beaver County, Pennsylvania: a photographic souvenir in its centennial year, 1800-1900 Centennial souvenir of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, 1800-1900...
Online Document Beaver County Centennial Committee Download
No Image Available An Antislavery Journey: Garrison and Douglass...
EXCERPT: "What had Garrison and Douglass accomplished on their four stops in Pennsylvania on their way to Ohio? The answer...
Online Document Ira V. Brown Download
No Image Available Beaver County History Online (Website)
This site was first put on line May 23, 1998. This site was originally created by teachers and students at...
Website Charles Townsend Download
No Image Available Beaver County Sesquicentennial 1800-1950: souvenir programme
c. 1950.  Souvenir programme for the Beaver County Sesquicentennial Celebration (1800-1950). Contains references to Darlington area and Greersburg Academy. Subject...
Online Document Historical Committee for the Sesquicentennial Celebration of Beaver County Download