History of the Museum

The Little Beaver Historical Society, Inc. was established and chartered in October 1962. The first president elected, Walter Landgraf, met with seven members in Darlington, creating by-laws and a constitution. The society set a priority to “maintain, preserve, and restore the historical facts and material of the area, and to seek out historical sites of interest, and mark the same for the public and historical purposes.”

Museum Buildings

Greersburg Academy

McCarl Industrial Museum

Hamilton Forge & Foundry

Little Beaver Museum

McCoy Log Cabin

Location & Hours

2022 Open Museum Hours

July 9, 2022 (10am – 4pm)

August 20, 2022 (10am – 4pm)

September 10, 2022 (10am – 4pm)

October 8, 2022 (10am – 4pm)

In addition to these open museum hours, the Little Beaver Historical Society is open to the public by appointment.  To arrange a visit to the museums, please contact the museum.

Leadership & Staff

The LBHS Board of Directors meets at 6pm on the first Wednesday of the month at the First United Presbyterian Church in Darlington, Pennsylvania.

Board of Directors

  • Jim Shanor (President)
  • Jay Paisley (Vice President)
  • Sue LaClair (Recording Secretary)
  • Arlene Townsend (Correspondence Secretary)
  • Beverly Young (Treasurer)
  • Melanie Todorich (Assistant Treasurer)
  • Judy Foster (Genealogist)
  • Charles Townsend (Historian)
  • Brian McCarl (Director)
  • Tony Kaiser (Director)
  • Jesse Derflinger (Director)
  • Keith Householder (Director)
  • Wayne A. Cole (Director)
  • Phylis Kuhn (Director)
  • Stephen Frost (Director)
  • John Ridings Jr. (Director)
  • Doris Childs (Director)
  • Michael Tomona (Director)
  • Cory White (Director)
  • Dave Holoweiko (Director)
  • Bob Kibler (Director)

Past Members – In recognition of their dedication and service to the museum: Dave Young, Bill Bittner (Historian), Loraine Ricci, Juanita (Mazie) Ridings, Aurora Santaro, John Snedeger, Arthur Stear, Robert Balderson, John Szatkiewicz, Ken Letskus (Vice President), Alan Ferguson (President), Linda Werner (Assistant Treasurer), Dick Gibson

Public Historians

  • LBHS genealogist, social media, liaison with Enon Valley Historical Society: Judy Foster
  • Display animation: Stephen Frost
  • Digital media, podcasting, tour guide, exhibits: Dave Holoweiko
  • Special exhibits: Jesse Derflinger
  • Tour guide, exhibits: Jim Shanor
  • Volunteer: Melanie Todorich
  • Volunteer: Beverly Young
  • Volunteer, maintenance: Artie Stear
  • Train Display: John Ridings
  • Blacksmith, social media: Cory White
  • Social media: Sam Moore
  • Social media: John W. Ridings
  • Social media: Robert E. Kibler
  • Digital media, website, podcasting: Kevin Farkas

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