Digital Media Collections

The LBHS Image Collection contains local history images and photo documentation of artifacts, events, and activities of the museum. 

The LBHS Podcast features stories, news, and conversations about the Little Beaver Historical Society and local history of northern Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

The LBHS Library Online is a collection of digital and internet-based documents, manuscripts, and other texts and media related to local history.

Select “tour stops” that can be visited at the museum but complemented with online content. 

Special Online Exhibits

[IN DEVELOPMENT] This companion exhibit complements Episode 18 of the Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast exploring the historic, social, and cultural  institution of the one-room school house in northern Beaver County. 

[IN DEVELOPMENT] This companion exhibit complements Episode 19 of the Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast exploring the sounds of industrial activities past and present.  

This online exhibit explores the history of human “communication” from an innovative perspective.  It was created as part of the 2022 Beaver County History Weekend Celebration. 

LBHS on Social Media

Photo: Kevin Farkas/The Social Voice Project. June 2019. Darlington Days event.

Facebook: LBHS Forge and Foundry

This LBHS Facebook page is dedicated to the Hamilton Forge and Foundry, and it contains images, videos, and discussions about forge working. 

Facebook: LBHS Page

This LBHS Facebook page is dedicated to topics related to the museum as well as local history throughout Beaver County. 

Video & Audio

This is a publicly and privately sourced audio/visual archive of voices and stories related to the Little Beaver Historical Society. Disclaimer: This collection is intended for educational and historical purposes. This collection of audio-visual content contains digital media items and playlists already made publicly available (but not necessarily in the public domain) by their creators via internet platforms such as YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Media presented here link directly back to these platforms and original content. Content creators retain all legal responsibility for copyright control over their media, including location, manner of access, aesthetic quality, and editorial point of view. LBHS assumes no legal or financial responsibility for this publicly available content, it makes no claim of ownership, and it respects the right of content creators to remove or modify their media at any time from their publicly accessible platforms. 

On episode 18 of the Beaver County History Podcast, we talk with public historians David Holoweiko (Little Beaver Historical Society), Mark Grago, Michael Kishbucher, and Tony Lavorgne about the complicated cultures and histories of Native Americans in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.
On episode 3 of the Listening Library: Beaver County Podcast, we continue our Community Conversations Series by talking about the necessity of capturing, preserving, and sharing local history during the COVID-19 pandemic with prominent Beaver County public historians Dave Holoweiko (Little Beaver Historical Society), Brenda and Roger Applegate, Lauraly Burnecke, Ron Main, Brady Crytzer, and Aaron Cowan.
On episode 8 of the Beaver County History Podcast, host Scott Reinard talks about the archeological site “Thirty-Six BV-9,” Beaver County’s world-famous pre-historic discovery buried along the banks of the Ohio River. Little Beaver Historical Society is home to many of these ancient artifacts.
On episode 14 of the Beaver County History Podcast recorded in Greersburg Academy of the Little Beaver Historical Society, we talk about bluegrass music in Beaver County with Dave Foster and Judy Foster, whose band East of Enon is part of small but vibrant community of local Americana musicians. This episode launches our Beaver County Music Heritage oral history initiative.
On episode 32 of Veteran Voices: The Oral History Podcast, we have a conversation with Jay Paisley, author of The Huffman Letters: Civil War Letters to Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Henry Huffman of Darlington Township, Beaver County, served with the 100th Pa Regiment (Roundheads) based in Lawrence County, he participated in over 20 battles, including Fredericksburg and Vicksburg, and he was a prisoner of war. For the rest of his life, Huffman suffered the effects of war.

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