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References to Greersburg (Darlington), Greersburg Academy, and many historical figures, organizations, and locations throughout northern Beaver County. Authors: Thomas L....
Online Document Thomas L. Blount; Betty Lou Blount; Roberta Summers; John Matthews; Leonard Chiappetta
1926 industrial guide to Beaver Valley.  Contains references to manufacturers in the county, including Beaver Falls and Darlington, Pa. Subjects...
Online Document The Beaver Valley
c. 1920 book published by Keystone Driller Company of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Subjects: Gold mines and mining, Prospecting, Hydraulic mining   Return...
Online Document Walter H. Gardner
1892 Emerson, Smith & Company saw catalog.   Return to LBHS History Library Online
Online Document Emerson, Smith & Company
1888 Hartman Manufacturing industrial catalog.  Subjects: Fences--Catalogs, Wire fencing--Catalogs, Trade catalogs--Fences, Trade catalogs--Wire fencing.   Return to LBHS History Library Online
Online Document Hartman Mfg. Company