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New Ways to Communicate: Local History Podcasting

Never before have high-quality media tools such as digital cameras, video camcorders, and audio recorders been so widely affordable and accessible–easily purchased at almost any electronics retail store.  Remarkably, smartphones are now capable of taking photos and recording video and audio with impressive ease and quality.  What this means for history?

Unlike our ancestors, we now have the opportunity to use consumer-level media technology to capture, preserve, and share our lives, including the events, people, and things that future generations might find historically significant.  

This new communication technology is highly useful to local historians who want use digital media to document the historical record, but also to assist in their public history efforts in creating in-museum and internet-based programs, exhibits, and displays for the public. 

LBHS Podcast Celebrates 5 Years

Beaver County’s First Local History Podcast

Podcasts are digital media productions (mostly audio, but sometimes video) accessible via the internet, computers, and mobile phones. Listeners can subscribe to podcasts and receive new episodes automatically whenever they are published.


The LBHS Podcast features stories and news about the Little Beaver Historical Society, and it hosts interesting conversations about a wide range of local history topics—past and present.


When it was launched on May 8, 2017, it became the first local history podcast in Beaver County and perhaps Western Pennsylvania.


Read a transcript or listen to our podcast conversation with long-time Beaver County local historian and LBHS board member, Charles Townsend.  For more LBHS podcast episodes, visit the LBHS Podcast.

Listen to a Local History Podcast

LBHS Podcast Episode 11: Charles Townsend

Read the History Conversation Transcript