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Notable People

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Sherman Moore, educator, South Beaver Township. c. 1888. Source: Sam Moore, grandson.

South Beaver Township
Image location: found on LBHS Facebook page.

Original source: Sam Moore.
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Col Daniel Leasure, (March 18, 1819 – October 10, 1886) was an American soldier and physician who served as a colonel and brigade commander in the Union Army during the American Civil War. He was 1st Commander of the 100th PVI and 9th Corps Brigade Commander. Leasure was born in 1819 near Pittsburgh in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. He attended Greersburg Academy in nearby Darlington in Beaver County from 1838 to 1840.
Photo colorized by David Welch. Date: unknown. Source: David Welch

1861-1865Greersburg Academy
Civil War
100th Pennsylvania Infantry
Darlington Borough
Image location: found on LBHS Facebook page.

Original source: David Welch (colorized version).
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Ira Mansfield (on left) and friends fishing in the Little Beaver Creek. Mansfield was a Darlington area industrialist, naturalist, and coal miner in the Cannelton area (Darlington Township, Pa). Local historian Michael Kishbucher: "This photo, dated 1908, is called "The Last Outing." It includes two of the three original Robin Hood Club founding members, Ira F. Mansfield and Henry K. Morse (a relative). The third man's name is Donnelly. Ira wrote that in the following spring Morse and Donnelly "were called to another world," leaving Ira and Cecil Hines as the remaining members of the men's version of the club. Ira transformed the group into a women's organization, promoting natural science and especially the women's suffrage movement. The first iteration of the Robin Hood club lasted from October 1865 (a few months after Ira returned from the War) to the spring of 1909. The Second Robin Hood club likely ended in June 1919, probably due to the passing of its benefactor. Ira's obituary says that he died in June 1919 following a brief illness. There is no mention of what disease he succumb to, but he died during the great Spanish Flu pandemic. The US ratified the 19th Amendment the following year. Image source: unknown..

1908Ira Mansfield
Little Beaver Creek
Image location: found on LBHS Facebook page.

Original source: not documented.
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Samuel Andrews Moore, prominent business owner. Born in Enon Valley, Beaver County, Pa on 10 Aug 1820 to Robert Moore and Jane Ross Andrews. Samuel Andrews Moore married Margaret McKenzie Phillips and had 6 children. He passed away on 02 Dec 1891 in Beaver City, Beaver, Pa. (source: Sam Moore: "In 1852, my great-grandfather, Samuel Andrews Moore, became the proprietor of a general store in the little rural settlement of Black Hawk, Pennsylvania, which is located on both sides of a road (now called Lisbon Road) that forms the boundary between South Beaver and Ohio townships in Beaver County. At that time the small community was often called Rayl’s X-Roads or Rayltown, and is about five miles from the Moore family farm upon which I grew up." Date: 1886. Image source: Sam Moore

1886Samuel Andrews Moore
general store
business owner
Enon Valley
Image location: found on LBHS Facebook page.

Original source: Sam Moore